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Customizable Floor Plans:  An alternative to the Custom Home Building Process

Customizable Floor Plans:  An alternative to the Custom Home Building Process

Have you ever thought how great it would be to design and build a new custom home?   Being able to decide the exact layout of your new home to fit your lifestyle is an attractive feature of building a new custom home.   However, before actually committing to build a custom home, there are several factors to consider.   How much will your custom home cost?  How long will it take to design, permit and build?    Other important issues to consider include selecting and investing in an architect and other specialty consultants in order to finalize your home’s cost estimate.  Selecting your custom home team and personally managing the often long and expensive process of building a custom home is not for everyone.  Finding the right builder and hiring the architect that will design the perfect floor plan and selecting every detail inside and out takes time – lots of it – and can be a trying experience.

For those who want something unique and have the resources to endure the custom home process, this remains a viable option, but we are living in a day and age where people are very busy and time is a valuable commodity.  Another great option to consider is the “customizable” home.   While a custom home can take over two years to build from beginning to end, a customized home typically takes about nine to twelve months and for many timing is a deciding factor.  The customizable home allows the buyer to save time and money by personalizing a set of pre-designed floor plans and elevations in order to create a home that is tailored to fit their individual needs, taste, lifestyle and budget.  It offers flexibility without the cost and unknowns of creating a one-of-a-kind design.

Several savvy and experienced luxury and semi-custom builders have embraced this trend and are capturing a larger audience of homebuyers because of it.  One example locally is Tucson-based and award-winning A.F. Sterling Homes who is working with homebuyers to customize one of their 17 luxury  home plans, each with 3 different elevations from which to choose.  “While we are a custom home builder, customized homes are an emerging trend in higher end new home construction.  Traditional production housing and custom home design are still available, but this market sector is growing rapidly,” said Randy Agron, Vice President for A.F. Sterling Homes.  A.F. Sterling Homes is offering a selection of customized model homes at Stone House, a large-lot, gated, custom home community in Sahuarita.  Sahuarita is located with easy access via I-19 and Old Nogales Highway to major employers like Raytheon, the airport, downtown and other regional attractions.

Some of the customized options that A.F. Sterling Homes has worked on at Stone House include adding extra garage bays including motor home garages, relocating and adding bathrooms and expanding the footprint of homes  to name a few.   Although adding customized features can add some time and cost to your new home, it will be significantly less than starting from scratch to design a custom home. Personalizing an existing A.F. Sterling luxury floor plan will require less architectural and engineering involvement.    Pete Arnold, with Tierra Antigua who leads the Stone House sales team, is always available to discuss the various options available in a customized home.

Whether it is a production house, a custom home or a customized home, there is something to fit every budget and lifestyle.  A customizable home is an exciting alternative in today’s home market.  Happy home shopping!